LEARN HOW SEEQ HELPS monitor your assets' operating performance

Asset Monitoring Recording Graphic
In process industries, engineers are tasked with optimizing operations. This is especially difficult when this process involves having to sift through enormous amounts of notifications and data, requiring a great deal of time and resources.

Discover how Seeq eliminates the need for this manual work and enables engineers to monitor asset performance quickly and efficiently to find insights and improve processes. This webinar will cover real-world examples focusing on asset monitoring with Seeq.

Karen Webster
Principal Analytics Engineer
Karen is passionate about empowering process engineers to bridge the big data gap with Seeq. She started as a process engineer with Valero refining in California, where she confirmed that she had made the right choice for her career. She loves optimizing process systems, working with diverse teams in the plant and growing profits! After enhancing her background in energy and water with a few other jobs, Karen was later recruited by Newalta Corporation to work on waste and water treatment efforts in U.S. and Canadian oil fields. Now, she's excited to improve process insights and profitability in these industries through working with Seeq.