Multivariate Analytics 101

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This webinar teaches you how to apply Seeq’s multivariate capabilities alongside data analytics, visualization, and collaboration tools.

Watch this on-demand recording to:

  • Identify periods of similar patterns in multiple signals
  • Visualize plug-ins for multivariate investigations
  • Create multivariate linear and principal component regression models


  • 2:05 Introduction to Multivariate Analytics
  • 7:52 Multivariate Pattern Search & Similarity Scoring Use Case and Demo
  • 16:32 Predict Product Quality from Multivariate Reference Profiles Use Case and Demo
  • 22:58 Q&A #1
  • 25:16 Multivariate Relationships with Correlation Analysis & Parallel Coordinates Use Case and Demo
  • 33:25 Advanced Modeling – PCA & Asset Scaling Use Case and Demo
  • 42:22 Expanded Multivariate ML Capabilities and Seeq GitHub Open Source Gallery
  • 43:49 Q&A #2 and Conclusion

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