Bring Your Own Algorithm: Seeq Expands Machine Learning Features

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This webinar presents Seeq's integration with customer, open source, and third party algorithms for use by front line plant employees.

Watch this on-demand recording to:

  • Scaling data science initiatives to front line operators and engineers
  • Deploying machine learning algorithms from a variety of sources - your own, open source, or third-party - with Seeq
  • Demonstrating machine-learning enabled predictive, optimization, and sustainability use cases


  • 00:53 Intro
  • 5:03 Seeq & Algorithm Innovation
  • 11:30 Seeq Workbench Add-ons
  • 12:41 Change Point Detection Demo
  • 22:39 Customer Add-on Machine Learning Examples
  • 27:18 Seeq & Amazon Lookout for Equipment, and University Research
  • 31:07 Seeq & GitHub
  • 34:49 Clustering Demo
  • 44:51 Seeq Expansion of Machine Learning and Q&A

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