Scaling Advanced Analytics Across Assets

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This webinar presents an online introduction to scaling advanced analytics across assets, ultimately yielding faster times to diagnostic, predictive, and monitoring insights.

Watch this on-demand recording to learn:

  • Best practices for maximizing advanced analytics at scale
  • Asset scaling demos for all user levels, from inexperienced to advanced
  • Seeq dashboards and publishing features to drive team collaboration


  • 0:57 Asset Scaling Advanced Analytics Introduction
  • 8:52 Building on Top of Existing Structures Use Case and Demo
  • 17:46 Asset Groups - Creating New Structures Use Case and Demo
  • 25:43 Create Asset Structures Using Python Use Case and Demo
  • 26:51 Q&A #1
  • 29:31 Shared Understanding to Maximize Effectiveness
  • 36:52 Enable Easy Access to Information Use Case and Demo
  • 43:05 Highlight and Explore Assets in Organizer Use Case and Demo
  • 47:29 Q&A #2 and Conclusion

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