Transition analysis can be an effective method for tracking chromatography column efficiency and predicting failure. However, current challenges with the time to insight, the complexity of the calculations, and the quality of the data have limited the ability of biopharmaceutical companies to operationalize transition analysis calculations, and to then accurately identify and predict column failures quickly to reduce lost product. These issues are compounded in continuous, multicolumn production systems running simultaneously over extended periods.

Seeq enables rapid time to insight for transition analysis by connecting directly to data sources and automatically performing calculations as new data are generated for both single- and multi-column systems. Seeq has worked with a number of pharmaceutical companies to enable monitoring and prediction of chromatography column health via built-in data cleansing tools and the ability to create online KPI monitoring dashboards, develop predictive models, and perform alternate column integrity calculation methods.


Publication: Pharmaceutical Processing World

Issue: July 2020

Reprinted with permission of Pharmaceutical Processing World.