Exclusive Webinar Series:

Manufacturing Analytics Trends in Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

This series of webinars will focus on the role of data access and analytics as it pertains to current trends in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and life sciences industries. Each session will host a discussion with industry thought leaders on a particular area of focus: enterprise analytics, continuous manufacturing, and contract manufacturing

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Episode 1:
Data Driven Decisions in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Trend: Digital Transformation
A modern approach to digital transformation across an enterprise requires an ecosystem of purpose-built tools to empower subject matter experts to access, contextualize and analyze information. Successful implementation of new tools and methodologies must be intentional in order to maximize ROI. In this webinar, we will discuss strategies to evaluate, integrate, and roll-out tools for making data driven decisions in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
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Episode 2:

Continuous Manufacturing Innovation with Advanced Analytics

Trend: Continuous Manufacturing

Continuous manufacturing practices in the life sciences industry promises tighter process control for increasing efficiency, speeding time to market, and producing quality product. However, this innovation comes with new data challenges. Manufacturers need to evaluate large quantities of time-series process data contextualized for products and batches to perform analytics across multiple assets. In this webinar, we will discuss the value of advanced analytics in continuous manufacturing.
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Episode 3:
Data Analytics for Efficient Contract Manufacturing
Trend: CMOs
Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly looking to partner with contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) to outsource production in order to keep up with growing demand. Contract manufacturing provides cost-effective production as well as a unique set of data challenges. Manufacturers must be able to access and filter data from multiple sources to perform flexible analyses supporting a variety of products, batch sizes, and equipment. In this webinar, we discuss the role of data analysis to improve efficiency for contract manufacturers.
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