On-Demand Webinar

Bridging Between Data and Information

The challenge of transforming data into actionable information has never been more pressing due to the increasing demand for responsibly sourced paper packaging products. This webinar is designed to illuminate the path forward in harnessing the power of real-time operational data as a pivotal factor in modern industry success.

We will hear from Pratt Industries about the following:

  • Maximizing productivity and achieving unparalleled results through innovative techniques, like dynamic center lining and shift comparison metrics.
  • Embracing the future by proactively automating workflows that enhance product quality and enhance management of raw materials.
  • Pivoting based on data insights can lead to tangible cost savings.

By watching this webinar, professionals from every industry will gain an actionable perspective on bridging the gap between data and information. Derek Valentin, Brooke Hill, and Sheri Blaylock will share the Pratt way to leverage advanced analytics in an AWS SaaS environment focusing on operational excellence, reliability, and sustainability.

Whether you're an experienced manager or a newcomer to the field, this event offers an opportunity for knowledge transfer tailored to facilitate the industry's digitalization efforts. Join us to take part in shaping a smarter, more efficient future for the pulp and paper industry.


Mariana Sandin - Profile Pic

Mariana Sandin
Industry Principal at Seeq

Derek Valentin

Derek Valentin
Data Science Engineer at Pratt Industries

Sheri Blaylock

Sheri Blaylock
Environmental Manager at Pratt Industries

Brooke Hill

Brooke Hill
Chemical Intern at Pratt Industries