Advanced Analytics for Chemicals Webinar

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In chemical production facilities, evolution and agility are the keys to success. Watch this webinar to discover how to move beyond inefficient and costly data wrangling and contextualization processes by implementing advanced analytics in your chemicals operation.

Discover how to maximize productivity by deploying an advanced analytics solution purpose-built to collect, cleanse, contextualize, and perform calculations to pull insights from data.

Featured Speakers:

Allison Buenemann, Industry Principal

  • Allison leverages her manufacturing background to bring innovative data solutions to Seeq’s chemical industry customers. A graduate of Purdue University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Allison has over 5 years of experience working for and with chemical manufacturers like ExxonMobil and Eastman Chemical to solve high-value business problems leveraging time-series data. Allison is a demonstrated customer advocate, leveraging her process engineering experience to aid in new customer acquisition, use case development, and enterprise adoption.

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